Books Series

This section is for you to know of each series that is released or future series releases. I will list each book in the section too so you know what book belongs where.

A Girl For Her Series

Book 1: Jana & Angel

Book 2: Jana & Angel

Softness & Darkness Series

Book 1: Happily Ever After

Book 2: Happily Ever After

Book 3: Jana & Angel

Book 4: Scarlett & Angel

Fate Of Her Path Trilogy

Book 1: Annabel's Fate

Book 2: Shadow's Of Despair

Book 3: Beginning Of Hope

Fighting For Love Series

Book 1: Beauty & The Outcast

Book 2: Giving Her Up

Winning Her Heart Series

Book 1: Dating Miss. Lillian

Book 2: Marrying Miss. Lillian

Gothic Princess and Angel Series

Book 1: Dreams Of A Angel

Book 2: Dark Desires from A Princess

Book 3: TBA

Heart Series Novel's 

Book 1: Chasing Her Heart

Book 2: Always Her Heart

Immortal Love Series

Book 1: Sweet Innocence


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