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In this you will find all my books from both myself Amber M. Kestner & Annora Rose with links to buy them. The one's that don't have a buy button are future publishing's but some can be found on Wattpad, Inkitt, and Dreame for free reading.

Jana & Angel Volume 1


Seeing her as more than just a friend would drive my heart wild, she is special to me in every way let's call her Jana she has no idea what she makes me feel inside. I have known her a little over two years but feels like forever even when we talk every day and it's not like we haven't planned to see each other again it has been in my mind to finally be in love with a woman and she's the closest to my heart for years. Jana and I have the same thoughts also beliefs of a happy couple, no she's never been with another woman, so this is my chance to show her the love I feel but take it slowly and thoughtful as possible. 

I believe Jana can be happy with the right person as though it might be scary at first but what woman isn't when they go for someone new? This is my story of how my happiness to Jana Johnson was worth it. My name is Angel Knight and I'll be guiding you to beginning and end.

Jana & Angel Volume 2


Angel and Jana's relationship has been going perfectly since they have met. The bookstore cafe has a name now called Windsong with a spiritual feel to it. 

Now that time has flown by for a year without making love and keeping promises to each other they are ready to move out of Rose County, Michigan head off to Cherokee County, Kansas which is where Jana grew up with her parent's. 

Angel and Jana are now ready to take on a whole new path with adopting a child or two,settle for making love,engagement and much more but the question that has us all wondering, what is going on with Scarlett too? 

I am not going to give a way to much of the story since we are giving this a whole new look. Could Jana actually come out as lesbian with her lover Angel or will it take to much on Jana to handle? 

Let's get this ball rolling shall we?

Jana & Angel Volume 3


Angel Knight is now Annabel Thomas, she has to make the right choice that could cost her everything including with Jana. Angel wasn't going to lose her fiancee in this battle with Scarlett, she will not be Mrs. Annabel Thomas for the rest of her life. Angel loves her fiance and kids this time no one will stop her love for destiny in Kansas.

Jana is raising her kids on her very own but one thing she misses is her true love Angel Nicole Knight, they were going to plan a wedding and everything until Scarlett took Angel. Jana has plans to rescue Angel but it will take time away from the kids.

Can Angel survive Scarlett's wrath and go back to her love?

Would Jana move if she can't get her love back?

Scarlett & Angel Volume 4

Scarlett has been with Angel Knight now for over six months now. Scarlett still doesn't see why Angel came back. They aren't in love at all. She still refuses to make love to Angel, no matter how many times she denies their closeness it itches at her a little bit. Scarlett tries to keep her promise to Jana but the whole scenario is going south. All she wants is everything to be over including this on show romance.

Can Scarlett get her wish and get rid of Angel once an for all? Or will this whole thing come back firing?

A Girl's Heart To Poetry


My reason for writing.
My reason for my books.
My reason to keep going.
Poetry & Books combine.
My world of Art.

This is my book dedicated to Poetry that I have written since I was 12 or 13 and now with new poetry to add from my page this is my new journey to write Poem's to go passed on to other's to enjoy. You're choice of Erotic(Lesbian Mostly), Heartbreak, Depression, Love, and much more. I am not the best Poet just like I am not the best Writer but I never will give up. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I love writing it.

Power Of Love



Seeing her as more than just a friend would drive her heart wild, she is special to me in every way. Her name is Jana, and she has no idea what she makes me feel inside. I have known her a little over two years, but it feels like forever even when we talk every day.

It's not like we haven't planned to see each other again, it has been in my mind to finally be in love with a woman, and she has been the one closest to my heart for years. Jana and I have the same thoughts and beliefs of a happy couple. She's never been with another woman, so this is my chance to show her the love I feel but take it slowly and thoughtful as possible.

I believe Jana can be happy with the right person as though it might be scary at first but what woman isn't when they go for someone new? This is my story of how my happiness to Jana Johnson is worth it. My name is Angel Knight, and I will be taking you on an unforgettable journey of true love. I hope you will join me as we walk along the path to discover what brought Angel and Jana together. 

Happily Ever After: Book 1


She didn't know what love was after finding out her ex-girlfriend decided to cheat on her with someone else. Harley Rayne had no idea when she came across a blonde hair and blue-eye beauty queen that she would fall fast.

Falling in love wasn't part of Addy Keith's plan at all. Until her eyes met a brunette with brown eyes that made her jaw hit the floor. She knew she had to stay away from this woman but that seemed impossible.

A new romance for the coming of age, let's see where Addy and Harley end up in this new fun filling story.

Happily Ever After 2: Book 2

Harley Rayne one of a kind soul that is a rather catching type for every type of person with her long brown hair and brown eyes that stand out just like her identical twin sister Celeste. Harley is still trying to make everything right between her and Addy. Happily Ever After doesn’t come cheap when you have to fight to keep the one you love and a small disagreement can make her run. 


Addy Keith is a blue-eyed beauty queen with long curly blonde hair that everyone can’t resist knowing, she is popular for her looks though her conflict of love has seemed to turn things around. She has been avoiding Harley the woman she isn’t supposed to be in love with and somehow or another, she always ends up right back.


Do we dare to find out what goes on beyond these two? Or is their forces to be reckoned with? Join me on this second journey of what goes on between Harley and Addy that no one can explain. 

Shay's Burning Desire

Ashley Keller

Beautiful, smart, and hard to grab attention. She is set to marry Stella Workman from Massachusetts by Fall of next year, they got engaged several weeks before Stella's birthday, it sent Shay Connor through the roof. Shay has known Ashley since Middle School, and is dying to profess her love to Ashley, her dearest best friend. Now, she has to convince Jessica Boyle that it isn't going to work that she knows who her true love is, and has to stop the marriage before it is too late.


Can Shay save her best friend from making the worst mistake? Or will they come together for a happy ending?

Chasing Her Heart Book 1

A new school year has started at Bayshore High. Jenna Worthington has now entered her senior year. She comes from a well to do, high class family. She is very high maintenance and has made it clear she is out to get everything she wants. And whoever she wants. Jenna has had her eye on Aaliyah Jordan for quite some time. Jenna has tried to convince Aaliyah for years that she is not only into men, but into women too. Aaliyah is a very attractive girl, and what Jenna wants.

Jenna’s sister Georgia, passed away and it rocked her world. Georgia was Jenna’s biggest supporter and always encouraged her to be true to herself. After Georgia’s passing Jenna finally revealed that she is bisexual. Her parents were dead set against this but Jenna took her sister’s advice and wanted to be true to her heart. Now that Aaliyah has come out as bisexual Jenna will do what it takes to try to win over Aaliyah’s heart no matter what the cost. Aaliyah also has a secret crush on Shane Newton. A butch lesbian at Bayshore High who eventually reveals to Aaliyah that she has a crush on her too.

What will Aaliyah do as she navigates this whole new world of women? How far will Jenna and Shane go to win Aaliyah’s heart? Is Aaliyah actually bisexual or she just imagining it?

Passion Of Bliss: Lesbian Short Stories

Fun batch of lesbian stories for everyone to enjoy from my characters and new ones to be shown in a new center of a world based on my own books and more that have become available for future releases. From real life, romance, and true nit grit of life that we all have been through for a deep feeling of each character's emotion. We all desire a romance like no other so this book will go beyond the pages of love that each character finds through their true love.

Black Beauty Bella

Beauty Bella Watson

She loves the color black and would rather see death in her face. That didn't stop Amber from falling in love with her when she was in High School and Bella in Middle School. Age gap never mattered when they fell in love until Bella cut ties from her completely. In terms of getting her Beauty Bella back, she has to go through every tooth and nail to fight for their bond once more.

Would Amber get Bella in her arms again? Or does she have to face the fact that Bella is suicidal and a danger to her well being? 

Secretly In Love With Her

Kayla is a rebellious teenager that is full of life that even her parents can't handle. She does attend church and stays with her faith in God. Though her life has changes that she never expected when it came to meeting her new English Teacher for the year. Her world went spinning and she didn't have a way in handling when it came to her heart and soul.

Cassie is well beyond her years to know that love isn't in her cards especially when her success builds around being a teacher for her students. Though her past is what caused her to be where she is at today with failure to comply it has left her once again in a situation, she already once ran from and now it has followed her.

Age is just a number, right? What can you do with a past that follows you and your future is in your classroom? Join me on this humble journey of where Kayla and Cassie meet in the middle.

Annabel's Fate Volume 1


Jana has always had issue’s with men especially the way they treated her like she was meat until she met Angel one evening and chemistry went through the chart. They had met in Michigan when Jana went on a date with some guy name Gunther well he didn’t like her fun adventure’s ways and that was when Angel came to her rescue.

Angel’s mother had abandoned her as soon as she kissed her long time girlfriend Scarlett Thomas unfortunately several years down the road her grandmother had passed away not to long after so she had to start life in Michigan that was when she met the most beautiful woman named Jana after her horrible date with some guy treating her like she was just a doctor.

Jana is still a straight woman with struggling with the fact that she could never make love to her girlfriend Angel it had been a challenge as far as they have gotten is kissing and holding hands. Angel has helped her come a long way since they hooked up randomly but with the conflicts of men from her past popping in and out of her life has made it challenging for sure.

Angel still had issue’s with Scarlett coming around and trying to claim her from Jana though the battle have constantly been going since high school and she has made sure that Jana isn’t apart of her life. Angel had came close to being raped by Scarlett one night but that was when Jana decided to move so they could be together and help work at the bookstore/cafe called Windsong.

Windsong had been a hit for years with the additional coffee’s,latte’s,mocha’s and many new books that come in each year. Angel had started the bookstore/cafe from scratch have made it amazing since then until they saved up enough money to move to Kansas which had made dreams a reality.

Could Jana and Angel be together again?

Or will Scarlett keep her Annabel? 

Shadow's Of Despair Volume 2


Scarlett's fate is in the prediction of past and future with no telling what could happen. Her mother Andrea had raised Scarlett on her own with no help what so ever. Andrea did know her daughter was lesbian just never told her because she wanted Scarlett to on her own. 

Scarlett made a best friend name Angel Knight while they were ninth graders. Unfortunately fate has a new prevail that could leave Angel dying in the arms of Scarlett. Could Scarlett fall in love with the true Annabel or will it come crashing down with Angel in the fast lane of life? 

What is the fate of Scarlett in her predictions? Will love become to much of a factor? Can Scarlett save her future along with Angel's? 

Fate is in the hands of this world with this lesbian romance.

A Girl For Her


Story Of Two Young Women, Destined To Be With Each Other... 

Seeing her as more than just a friend would drive my heart wild, she is special to me in every way. Jana has no idea what she makes me feel inside. I have known her a little over two years, but feels like forever even when we talk every day. 

It's not like we haven't planned to see each other again, it has been in my mind to finally be in love with a woman, and she's the closest to my heart for years. Jana and I have the same thoughts and beliefs of a happy couple. She's never been with another woman, so this is my chance to show her the love I feel but take it slowly and thoughtful as possible.

I believe Jana can be happy with the right person as though it might be scary at first but what woman isn't when they go for someone new? 

A love story of Jana & Angel!

Clinging To Love


Have you ever had a reason to fall in love and hope they would cling on for life? 


Than this story might take you for a leap. Terri loves her best friend Brooke though they never exactly told one another. Terri did the most horrible mistake of her life marrying Monica whose heart is as worthless as a penny. Terri did everything she could to keep her marriage with Monica but when Monica slept around it made Terri realize their marriage wasn't worth it. 

Can Terri get a way from Monica to be with her true love? 

Gale is a whole new leap for love, she's obnoxious, a full time nurse and hateful but despite everything she is in for a trail of love that can save her from being disrespectful, a one of a kind woman changes all that. 

Brianna is a rebel at age sixteen, her best friend Amelia is a complete nerd compare to Brianna being popular. Though their love is bounded by nothing to hold on too. Brianna and Amelia want what their mother's have a committed relationship that leads to a successful marriage but their love isn't clinging so well. 

Can a rebellious Brianna change to be with Amelia once and for all?

Dreams Of A Angel Volume 1


Tessa is a wonderful princess though her parent's have always despised her gothic looks. From black make up to dresses with worn black boots in her style. Tessa is known as Gothic Princess in her kingdom though she has always wondered if dreams came true on having a sweet Angel take her heart away. 

Laila is in training to be a wonderful Angel for her wonderous kingdom to be praised by her heart warmth father. Laila is having furious dreams of a angered Princess named Tessa though she can't figure out why she would be furious, Laila will be one sent down to cure this hateful Princess down on Earth. 

We are taking a new ride into a lesbian romance involving a Angel and a Gothic Princess...Two different personalities and rocky roads ahead, are you ready?

Dark Desires from A Princess Volume 2


Laila can't help wanting Princess Tessa the most beautiful Princess in Evigon. Laila is stuck in the castle and can't go back home since she is without her wings. Falling for Tessa is least of her worries, she has to keep her desires in check and keep her away from all the selfish Princess in other Kingdom's from stealing her girl. 

What will become of Laila? Can she fight her love for Tessa?

Beauty & The Outcast Book 1


Fighting For Love Series

Kaitlyn Tisdale is nineteen years old and she wants nothing more than to be with her favorite girl crush Madison Somers whose eighteen years old also a cheerleader for Bayshore High. Both are seniors and a life changing altercation could end it all.

What will become of these two?

Giving Her Up Book 2

We left off where Kaitlyn is headed to Madison though who knows where Madison might be. Madison is ready to give up because it has been four years and Kaitlyn hasn't come for her though she hasn't bothered to write since the separation four years ago. 

Madison's father thought it would be best to move the family to believe it or not to...oh wait can't spoil that part. You heard right they have moved but distance is breaking Madison all she wants is her love back and to be engaged again. She hasn't dated anyone since they were apart though many girls want her, she wanted Kaitlyn. 

Can Madison get her wish to be with Kaitlyn? Or is it time to give up and move on?

Dating Miss. Lillian Volume 1


Lillian is excellent at teaching English she loves her job with students even though she wishes to have a few kids and a husband would be fantastic for her especially the kid part, but no man has been on a date with her in ten years, so she lives alone in her apartment across town. 

Isabel has always done well with her English until she noticed how beautiful her teacher is which made a significant drop in her grades, neither of her parents are home still working not to care. Isabel does have a girlfriend on one part the girl is abusive and very dark in ways that would scare most people. Isabel deals with it though cause she cannot tell her teacher that she has a crush on her. 

Marrying Miss. Lillian Volume 2

Isabel couldn't believe life was changing so fast for her. She moved to California to be with Lillian and now they are planning a future wedding. Though it may take a turn for the worst due to Isabel going to college for four years as a teacher herself in the Science department for High Schoolers. It has been two years since they got engaged but the wedding has been on hold since. Isabel had no idea what she wanted to do in college but her sway towards an already amazing teacher made it happen for her to do the same. 

Lillian is still teaching at a low end college downtown though being engaged to Isabel seems like a toss in the park. They haven't had time to be with one another, Lillian is sure Isabel is cheating on her with another girl, and she has interest in a guy she is working with but would she want to risk her love life to be with a man that is actually quite handsome? 

In this journey we will see if these two can be faithful and be married as this story finally comes to a close. Isabel and Lillian have already gone through enough but will this make or break them before going down the aisle.

Keeping Her A Secret

Keeping a secret about a Caucasian girl in my class, her name is Arianna Kirkland.

Now you know it is against the law for white and black to be together, including if you are same-sex. Oh, you must be wondering who I am, I am Kassidy Robertson. I am African American also known as a black girl.

To this day people still hate African American's their is more killing sprees than anyone can handle. I have no desire for that lifestyle. My life is the good Lord, my bible and friendships.

I am located in Baltimore, Maryland, I am pretty sure you have heard of it. This location is mostly African American, here and there some white people.

I am getting this feeling you don't want to hear any of this, probably wondering why I have to keep Arianna a secret. I should start from the let's bring this story to light.

Sweet Innocence Book 1

Janessa Winter has it all planned out like everyone does especially her perfect College everyone know's her heart is set on Princeton a famous college in West Virginia. That unfortunately is about to change when she finds a mysterious woman about her age in the school she goes too and doesn't look human at all. 

Melania Rose has her own plans of meeting a girl of her dreams even if it means sinking her fangs into delicate skin. Melania has wanted nothing more than to be loved by another woman or in this case a girl but she has to go to High School where all the pretty girls are. Problem is, would she be able to find one before the next full moon or will she die alone without a love to call her own?


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